5 Advantages of Installing a Cold Air Intake System

A cold air intake system is a performance-aligned aftermarket configuration responsible for introducing additional air to the engine. While the sales of car aftermarket products are increasingly rising, cold air intake system has become one of the popular car aftermarket upgrades. Most car enthusiasts install this setup to bring in more cool air into the car's internal combustion engine. Thus, it helps in improving the overall performance of your vehicle. Hence, whether you are a veteran car enthusiast or starting off your modding journey, upgrading your vehicle with a good-quality cold air intake system will ensure you with the best drives ahead.

However, if you are wondering what a cold air intake can do to your vehicle, then here are some common perks you can derive by installing a cold air intake in your car:

More horsepower

While your ability to add an extra amount of horsepower depends on your vehicle's configuration, increased horsepower is one of the most commonly known advantages you can get from a cold air intake systems. It helps bring cooler air into your car's internal combustion engine, assisting your engine in achieving better fuel efficiency. Moreover, it increases the engine's oxygen combustion rate, thus providing more horsepower to your vehicle. 

Increased acceleration

Gaining better acceleration is another appealing benefit of upgrading your vehicle with a cold air intake system. It will enable you to notice a vast increase in your car's responsiveness because the cold air is known to be denser than the warm air. Thus, it allows additional air for the combustion process. This air intake efficiency will enable you to reach your desired speed faster while allowing you to stay safe when entering busy highways and interstates.

Increased mileage

Installing a cold air intake system is an engine upgrade that boosts your vehicle's air to fuel ratio. Thus, the more air goes into the engine, the less fuel your machine will need to burn, offering you better mileage. Moreover, you will notice your trips to the gas station will gradually become fewer.

Better filters

The pre-installed stock intake of your car typically comes with disposable paper filters. While these paper filters are good at preventing debris, they also require timely replacement to offer better efficiency. However, an aftermarket cold air intake comes with better and sturdier filters to provide better durability. Moreover, these filters allow you the feasibility to detach and clean thoroughly in every 25,000 to 50,000 miles, rather than getting them replaced. 

Better sound quality

Lastly, a good-quality cold air intake system can offer your car a louder and fuller sound. The more air your engine gets, the more powerful sound it generates. Thus, if you are a car enthusiast looking for an optimum way to increase your vehicle's overall performance and sound quality, then a cold air intake setup will serve you with the best outcomes. 

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