Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions. Have a question you don't see answered here? Email us at info@shopprojectgamma.com and we'll get back to you.


  • Is ceramic coating worth it?
  • Yes, it reduces heat in the engine bay and improves performance.

  • Do PG products really improve HP? By how much?
  • Yes, depending on the weather, intakes can deliver an additional 15-30 HP and downpipes can deliver an extra 50 HP with unrestricted airflow. And with a tune, downpipes can deliver an extra 100WHP.

  • Why PG over others?
  • We come from inside the industry and we've dreamed about cars since we were kids like many of our customers.

    We wanted to bring innovation and cool car products to everyone, not just up-charge like other brands for less options and lower quality. 

    We have internal development to bring only the best products to Project Gamma, tested by real car people who truly love the industry.

    We’re affordable, customizable, and deliver real performance. Plus our intakes are front mount, they look awesome on your car, and the silicon never gets hot. 

    Shipping and Returns

  • When will my order ship? 
  • If it’s in stock and the order is placed before 3pm, it ships the same day. If you ordered a product with ceramic coating, it will ship the following business day.

    If the product or color spec you’re looking for is not in stock, you can join the waitlist by clicking the “email when available” button underneath the “out of stock” label. We will email you as soon as your product is available and give you an estimated back in stock time.

  • What if I submitted a custom order?
  • If you are making a custom order, email us to submit your request and we will give you an estimated delivery time based on the special manufacturing time. 

  • What if my product arrives damaged, incorrect, or is missing parts?
  • If you received the incorrect product or color, missing parts, or the item is defective, email us a picture with your order number and you will receive a refund or exchange. Contact us at info@shopprojectgamma.com and we will work with you to make it right. 

  • What if I’m not satisfied with the product?
  • If the product is unused and uninstalled, we can offer you a refund, exchange, or store credit. If the product was used or installed on your vehicle, we unfortunately cannot offer any refund, exchanges, or credit. 

  • What if I installed my products and then I decide I don’t like them?
  • Unfortunately used or installed products will not qualify for a return or refund. If you have any questions or concerns you can email us at info@shopprojectgamma.com

    A restocking fee of 20% of the original purchase price may be applied to returned products. This fee covers the costs associated with processing the return and restocking the item if applicable. Please refer to our policies page for more info regarding all exchanges and returns.

    Product Info & Care

  • Can the silicon intakes be washed?
  • Yes. Always remove them from your vehicle first, make sure to completely dry them before re-installing them into your vehicle.

  • Do the intakes need a tune?
  • No tune needed here!

    Filter Care

  • Can I drive in the rain with my filters?
  • Driving in rain is fine- just don't spray water directly at your filters.

  • Do my filters need to be replaced?
  • YES! Replace every 2 oil changes OR every 10k miles. DO NOT OIL.

    How often should I clean my filters?  

    Every oil change OR 4-5k miles. 

  • Can I wash my car with my filters installed? 
  • Yes, wash your car as you normally would- just don’t spray water directly at your filters.


  • What products can I customize?
  • We have many colors to choose from for all our silicon products like our intakes, but if you are wanting something custom, reach out to us at info@shopprojectgamma.com when you place your order, include your order number and what you’re wanting to do and we can see what’s possible!

    No, you cannot paint the silicon intakes. 

    The charge pipes are also customizable, email us the color you want with your order number and we will make it happen.

    For all our ceramic coated stainless-steel products, they come in our signature Project Gamma bronze but we are working on rolling out new colors for you to choose from. Stay tuned!

  • Do our extensions come in different colors for the carbon fiber intakes?
  • Not yet, but that’s something we’re working on!


  • Which of our products are DIY?
  • We do have products that can be DIY, but we always recommend that our products be installed by a professional.

    Products that are DIY: Intakes, filters, and charge pipes. 

    All other products are recommended to be installed by professionals in a shop.