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Introducing our revolutionary chiller system, the innovative way to achieve ice cold IAT’s.

The Project Gamma Chiller System utilizes your vehicle’s air conditioning system to substantially reduce the coolant temperatures and leads to colder Intake Air Temperatures without losing any cabin AC performance. By allowing the IAT’s to constantly remain in cooler temperatures, our chiller system effectively improves your engine’s overall performance. This kit introduces huge horsepower gains with higher boost and running timing with less risk of detonation. There is no need to upgrade any cooling radiators, charge coolers, or pumps. This is the best solution to bring down IAT's. The chiller kit is also highly beneficial for supercharged vehicles. 

Patent-Pending Technology: Our unique and proprietary design allows the Chiller System to tap directly into the car's air conditioning service ports, seamlessly integrating with the existing cooling system without the need for any major modifications.

Universal Compatibility: Engineered to be compatible with any car model with water to air coolers, the Chiller System is versatile and adaptable, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance regardless of your vehicle's make or model.

Optimized Cooling Efficiency: By utilizing the air conditioning gas from the car's system, the Chiller System delivers superior cooling capabilities, effectively lowering intake temperatures and maximizing engine performance.

Easy Installation: All of the water hoses feature quick connections. Pre shaped universal bracket allows for installation in different positions. AC hoses come pre-crimped and ready to install. No cutting or drilling into your existing cooling system. This kit is the only true plug and play system in the market.

Experience the next level of automotive performance with the Project Gamma Chiller System. Engineered with precision and innovation, our Chiller System is a game-changing addition to any car enthusiast's toolkit. Whether you're looking to boost your car's performance on the track or enhance its daily driving capabilities, our Chiller System delivers unmatched cooling efficiency and performance optimization.

Upgrade your car's cooling system today with our chiller kit and unleash the full potential of your vehicle's engine like never before. 

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