Are Carbon Fiber Filters Safe for My Car?

Air filters remove dust, debris, and even insects from the incoming air through various car vents, making them an essential component of the car. Not having efficient air filters means you will breathe in the dirt, which is dangerous for you and your car parts. But how do you know which air filter is the best kind? Most models today come with pre-installed carbon air filters. While carbon filter air fibers are popular, how do you know if they are safe for your car or not?

Let us learn more about carbon fiber filters-

What is Carbon Fiber Filter?

Carbon fiber filters are essentially similar to standard air filters, except that they have a carbon layer inside them that absorbs dirt, dust, pollen, and other particulate matter from the flowing air more effectively. Most High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters also utilize carbon because they are more efficient and absorbent than standard filters.

Are Carbon Fiber Filters Safe for Your Car?

The choice of filters majorly depends on the driving area. If you drive in an urban, slow-moving traffic area, installing a carbon filter is recommended. They have several health benefits and create a safe environment for everyone in the car. It also reduces the chances of respiratory and allergic issues.

What Are the Benefits of a Carbon Fiber Filter?

Most automobile manufacturing companies have shifted to activated carbon filters in their models. Here are a few reasons you should get one for your vehicle-

  • If you travel for a long duration or go through roads with excessive pollution, the dust will eventually get clogged in various car parts, deteriorating their working capacity. Carbon fiber filters absorb all the pollutants and leave the air clean to circulate throughout the vehicle. 
  • They are also highly effective in absorbing foul odors. So if you drive through areas that make you gag, you can switch to carbon fiber filters. The air entering the car is fresh and pleasant to breathe in.
  • If you or anyone in your family has allergies, it is best to switch to carbon fiber filters because they trap bacteria, fungal spores, pollens, and other potential pollutants before they enter the car cabin.
  • Many toxic gasses such as various oxides of nitrogen pose a health risk to drivers and passengers. Activated carbon filters convert these harmful gasses into safer variants. For instance, Nitrogen Dioxide produced due to combustion can travel into the cabins and cause many health-related issues in the travelers and make the driver slow, leading to accidents.

What Are the Disadvantages of Carbon Fiber Filters?

For the most part, carbon fiber filters are very beneficial to install in your vehicles. However, compared to standard filters, they are pretty expensive, both in the long and short term. You will also have to replace them more often than the regular air filters.

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