Do Performance Exhausts Really Increase Horsepower?

Installing an aftermarket exhaust looks and sounds fantastic — but wondering whether they add horsepower to your vehicle? A simple answer would be — Yes! It does. An aftermarket exhaust indeed offers additional horsepower to your car. It provides excellent airflow for exhaust gases to escape from the combustion chamber. Thus, it gives more room for fresh air to enter and create greater combustion in the next cycle. 

Switching the factory-fitted exhaust system with a high-end performance exhaust pipe can bring significant gains to your vehicle regarding horsepower. So, if you are a car enthusiast fond of high speed, power, and performance, installing a performance exhaust in your car will be one of your best investments. 

Point to remember— 

An aftermarket exhaust pipe can work differently for different car models. So, always ‌research appropriately or take the assistance of a reputed aftermarket performance parts dealer to select the most appropriate products for your vehicle. Whether you prefer to enhance the sound and style or your vehicle's performance, installing a performance exhaust aftermarket pipe is your ultimate weapon.

Moreover, every performance-associated modification like a performance air filter or cold air intake strives to boost performance by increasing the available air in the combustion chamber. 

Besides additional power, there are numerous other benefits that you can derive by adding a performance exhaust pipe to your vehicle. These benefits are divided into two categories — vanity and performance. 


Sound is one of the crucial pull factors for most car enthusiasts. Thus, installing a high-quality performance exhaust can work wonders in transforming the overall sound of your vehicle. Depending on your car’s type and model, you can find several performance exhausts, ranging from highly boisterous to a refined performance car sound.  

If you want a sporty feel or a growling sound — performance exhaust can be the ultimate game changer for you!


A change in your vehicle's overall appearance and style is one of the critical features of installing a performance exhaust pipe upgrade. An exhaust pipe serves excellent help in making your car appear and sound like a racer’s dream!

Fuel efficiency

If you are looking for an aftermarket product to accelerate the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, an exhaust upgrade can do the trick. Performance exhaust pipes effectively maintain optimal air levels inside your vehicle’s engine. These optimal levels further reduce the need for your engine to consume extra fuel and compensate for dirty air levels. 

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