Does Cold Air Intake System Make A Car Louder?

Changing your car's intake makes it louder when you are driving it. As you might know, cold air is denser and contains more oxygen. This is why an air conditioner is placed at the top so it sinks to the bottom, whereas the hot air (less thick) floats to the top. 

Similarly, the stock intake of your vehicle is known to consume significant amounts of hot air as they are placed close to the hot engine compartments. This further leads to disruption in the overall performance of your car. 

However, installing a high-quality BMW cold air intake in your vehicle serves as excellent help! It strives to reroute the process of how your car breathes in the air. Instead of taking the hot air from the engine compartment, a cold air intake breathes in the cold air from the outer area of the engine compartment. 

Sound changes by cold air intake and how?

Besides performance, your vehicle's cold air intake enhances the sound of your car. It empowers your car to sound louder and perform better. Additionally, installing a cold air intake systems in your vehicle allows you to hear a unique sound from your engine — the sound of cold air dashing into your car's engine. This becomes even more audible when you make a gear shift, so what are your waiting for? Consider contacting an aftermarket car parts dealer today!

Read on to find out how installing a cold air intake can enhance your vehicle's sound.

More airflow

A cold air intake is engineered to provide better airflow to your vehicle's engine. It has a broader surface area that allows the air to enter the intake. Thus, more airflow typically indicates more oxygen and an enhanced noise in your vehicle. For instance, ever heard the noise your badminton racket makes when swung with force? That is the sound created by the airflow, and the same applies to your vehicle's cold air intake!

More exposure

If you are planning to pop open your car's trunk to locate the BMW air intake — there are high chances that you will not find it. This is because the stock intake is typically kept enclosed in a manufactured car to lower the noise of the intake! 

However, this is not the case with a cold air intake as it is not kept hidden in the trunk. This further allows your cold air intake to engage with more airflow. Hence, the after effect — the improved sound of your vehicle!


Car manufacturers are bound to follow several production regulations such as sound, safety, and emission checks to ensure a hassle-free vehicle sale approval process. Thus, to comply with the state's laws and appeal to individuals, most car manufacturers silence the noise from their vehicles. This involves the intake system. 

However, if you want to improve your vehicle's sound and overall performance, consider contacting a reliable aftermarket vehicle expert to help install a cold air intake in your car. 

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