Engine Coolant Leaks: Symptoms and Solutions

The car you drive contains multiple liquids that help it operate correctly. One such liquid is the coolant or anti-freeze. It helps maintain the temperature changes in the engine and keeps it cool all the time. In simple terms, it helps maintain the functionality of the vehicle. So, naturally, a coolant leak is a major concern for any automobile owner. But if someday you find a puddle of liquid under your car and can’t get a hold of your mechanic, you will need a way to solve the situation.

Here are some signs and solutions for engine coolant leaks. 

Symptoms of a Coolant Leak-

#1- Puddle of liquid under your car: If you find puddles of oily liquid on your garage floor or wherever you park your vehicles, it may be a coolant leak. Since many liquids can leak out of a car, you need to check carefully. The coolant is orange, red, pink, or blue. The colors are to differentiate it from other liquids and depend on the brand of your coolant. It also has a sweet scent. Upon noticing the leak, you should clean the ground because coolant can be harmful to humans and pets.

#2- Higher reading on the temperature gauge: A slight tipping of temperature can be due to the weather outside. However, if your temperature gauge shows a drastically high reading, your coolant flow might have problems.

#3- Overheating engine: The primary function of the coolant or antifreeze is to keep your engine at a specific temperature and help it function optimally. If its flow is disrupted, you may notice the engine overheating very quickly, which can be damaging if not solved in time.

#4- Coolant warning light: The coolant light present in your car turns on if the coolant levels are lower than the minimum. You should refill the coolant tank in such cases before it damages your engine.

#5- Signs on the radiator: If you see bubbles in your radiator, which is due to combustion gases, this is a sign of a coolant leak. If the coolant spills on the hot radiator, it can appear as rust and discolored patches.

Solutions for a Coolant Leak-

#1- Change the radiator cap: The radiator cap keeps the coolant inside the tank or radiator. If the radiator cap is worn out, it will not keep up with the pressure and lower the boiling point. The coolant will easily flow and boil out. Fortunately, you can refill the tank to the correct levels and replace the radiator cap.

#2- Replace broken hose: If the coolant hoses are broken or old, they can snap and allow all the fluid to spill. Buy new good-quality hoses and clamps and replace the old ones.

#3- Use leaking sealants: Small leaks in the cooling system can be plugged using radiator stop-leak concentrates without any advanced knowledge.

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