Frequently Asked Questions - Bootmod3 FAQ

Bootmod3 is a fully customized tuning platform for the factory engine computer that offers the end users mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Web Browser-enabled devices. It allows you to change your tunes via the OBD port by using the mobile app. Before bootmod3 came into existence, there were two well-known ways of tuning your BMW cars — 

  1. By using a piggyback device to add the boost.
  2. By sending your ECU (DME) out for a one-time flash to your preferred tuner. 

However, both alternatives had their set of shortfalls. So, if people wanted to customize their car with different modifications — like go bigger turbos with a built motor, octane levels, or datalog about how their car was running — to make their vehicle perform at its best, it was simply impossible. Until now! 

Here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers about bootmod3 to help you better understand everything about this cool modification!

How to Install Bootmod3 in your Vehicle?

It will take merely five minutes to install bootmod3 in our vehicle. However, ensure to have the following things with you:

  • Bootmod3 software license.
  • Laptop with Windows or macOS, bootmod3 app for Android/ iOS smartphone.
  • OBD2 Ethernet cable or a suitable laptop/ smartphone adapter.

Project Gamma offers a bootmod3 license for BMW S55 engine downpipes. This combination enables you to upgrade your vehicle’s performance and tune your preferred specifications at an economical price. Thus, it is an excellent modification for your BMW air intake

How to Purchase a bootmod3 Software License?

You can simply purchase a bootmod3 software license from a reputed and authorized aftermarket product dealer in town. Generally, the process is carried out by sending you an email at the time of checkout with the activation key for your car. Keep in mind that one license is only eligible for one vehicle. So, whether you want to connect your laptop (Windows/ macOS) directly to the car, your smartphone (Android/ iOS), or your smartphone (iOS / Android) wirelessly via a bootmod3 WiFi adapter, this step will remain the same.

How Does Bootmod3 Flash the Car? Does it need Internet? 

Bootmod3 is the first cloud-based tuning platform; meaning the feature offers all the necessary tools to securely and most efficiently tune your dream car via the web, just like how you have your email with Google (Gmail) instead of your mail server. 

The system will provide you with all the high-end features, including configurations and map editing, allowing you to enjoy enhanced efficiency when opting for custom tuning.

Additionally, once you have downloaded the given version of a map from the server, it can be easily flashed without internet access. 

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