How Can Catless Downpipes Make Your Car Faster

A catless downpipe enhances the turbo efficiency of your car's engine. It is an instrument responsible for the structural flow of exhaust gases through the vehicle's turbine system. It helps you gain additional horsepower with or without tuning. The aftermarket downpipes offer a wide range of features and help you increase your vehicle's engine power. Downpipes are less restrictive than the stock options and hence, intensifies the spinning of the turbo leading to an accelerated spool. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for car racers and enthusiasts as it provides the highest speed efficiency. 

Here's how catless downpipes can make your car faster:

Does not equip catalytic converter

An aftermarket catless downpipe does not have a catalytic converter (CAT). A catalytic converter filters the exhaust gases as it passes through a catalyst. However, a catless downpipe reduces exhaust restrictions and enables a faster flow of exhaust gases. It leads to the quicker spooling of the turbo. Therefore, it is an excellent option to increase power efficiency.

Increase in horsepower

Catless downpipes are best-suited for racers who strive to strengthen every bit of their vehicle's horsepower. By installing a catless downpipe, you can increase horsepower efficiency. The gain may differ depending upon the size of the car's engine, turbo, and intakes. However, by upgrading aftermarket catless downpipes, you can expect a gain of around 15-20% of your actual horsepower. That is an elevation up to 25 without tuning and up to 50 with tuning. 

Enhanced performance

Enhanced performance is one of the most significant advantages of going catless. Downpipe is installed immediately after the turbo that directly efficiently influences the turbo spool and performance. Investing in catless downpipes will help you boost your vehicle's horsepower, leading to increased efficiency of your car's engine. Therefore, if you want to make your car faster, a catless downpipe is the answer.

Enhances the sound experience 

The aftermarket catless downpipes provide a larger diameter of the piping without the restriction of the catalytic converter. This increases the flow of air in the vehicle's engine and interior system. Similarly, it increases the sound flow of your vehicle's structure. A catless performance downpipe offers more engine noise while running, adding to the overall experience of your driving. 

Cost efficiency

Catless downpipes are an economic investment compared to catted downpipes. It is cost-efficient because it offers engine efficiency without the need for a catalytic converter (CAT). It often comes with a warranty because of its lasting capabilities. It serves as a practical solution with proper tuning by preventing the illumination of the check engine light.

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