How Can You Increase Horsepower and Torque?

Modern cars are quite swift right off the showroom floor, but this doesn't stop automobile fanatics from squeezing every performance out of them. From mild to wild, there are several ways that can help you add some extra power to your vehicle. 

What is Horsepower? 

Horsepower refers to how much power your engine can produce in a certain amount of time. So, the more horsepower your engine has, the faster you can run your vehicle. 

What is Torque? 

Like horsepower, torque is responsible for your vehicle’s speed. It is related to the amount of twisting force something can push out. Thus, torque is responsible for how quickly your vehicle can accelerate and go from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of seconds.

There are several ways to boost the horsepower and torque of your vehicle, some of which you might not have thought about if you are new to the world of aftermarket products. 

Read on to find out now!

Install a Cold Air Intake

A cost-effective way to add power to your engine is by installing a cold-air intake to your vehicle. While the stock cold air intake setups are generally quite functional, an aftermarket intake can significantly elevate your vehicle's horsepower. These setups typically use a free-flowing air filter to offer easy breathing to your vehicle's engine. 

However, to ensure optimum functioning, you can ask your aftermarket dealer to provide a heat shield for your car's air intake systems. Otherwise, it will suck hot air from the engine compartment, further negating performance gains. 

Thus, consider upgrading your vehicle's intake to unlock some additional horsepower in your car. 

Install an Aftermarket Exhaust System

A performance exhaust system is one of the most popular car modifications for enthusiasts. Like a performance intake, an aftermarket exhaust is specially engineered to ensure better airflow than a stock setup. 

Aftermarket exhausts are generally louder than stock exhausts but also save a few pounds. Thus, depending on your size and type of vehicle, installing additional exhaust components (such as a downpipe or a set of headers) will help you maximize any exhaust system gains.

Engine Tuner

Your vehicle's stock engine is not designed to generate maximum horsepower. Rather, the manufacturer generally sets it up to shift smoothly and offer higher fuel efficiency. However, by upgrading your vehicle with the aftermarket exhaust system, you will notice a significant change in your car's horsepower. 

While they are easy to use and can make quite a difference, you will have to invest in premium gas for your truck. We recommend you consider this option after the others have been completed.

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