How Does Aluminum Charge Pipes Boosts Horsepower?

Aluminum charge pipes enhance the engine's performance. Typically, these are mandrel-bent aluminum, stainless, or rubber tubes used to swap out factory-installed intercooler piping of automotive engines. Thus, it is connected with the intercooler piping and intake manifold where either the blow-off or diverter valves are affixed. Primarily, it adds some diameter for increased airflow (improving throttle response) from the turbo to the intercooler, reducing the pressure loss of turbocharged air. It is recommended to replace your stock charge pipes as they are typically made of plastic and do not offer durability, restricting the flow of turbocharged air.

What does a charge pipe do?

Heat is one of the greatest foes of a turbocharged engine. While driving, the car tends to generate enormous amounts of heat. The engine uses an intercooler, and its components cool down the hot turbo gasses before it spreads to the engine intake. Here, the charge pipe channelizes the turbocharged air to the vehicle's engine. 

Factory-installed charge pipes and intercoolers are barely sufficient in combating heat and air pressure loss. Hence, they are not effectively competent to boost the engine's efficiency. 

This is one of the major causes why most car owners mod their vehicles by swapping their plastic stock charge pipes with aluminum charge pipes. This also helps cut down on emergency trips to your car dealer to obtain replacement pipes every time the installed ones tear down. This also ensures they’re replaced at the earliest with a robust and durable alternative to save unwanted trouble in the future. 

Why upgrade to an aftermarket charge pipe?

Charge pipes are a critical element of your car. Factory-installed charge pipe is made of plastic that hampers the circulation of turbocharged air. This is why you should consider opting for an aftermarket charge pipe for your vehicle's turbocharged engine to ensure a smooth and refined driving experience. Here, the aluminum charge pipes minimize the oppression loss of turbocharged air–accelerating the airflow rather than restricting it–thereby improving the turbocharged engine's performance.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider an aluminum charge pipe upgrade for your vehicle:

  1. It enables you to improve the efficiency of the turbocharged engine. 
  2. It ensures you a more reliable machine.
  3. It gives you peace of mind since the aftermarket charge pipe won't break down quickly. 
  4. It supports upgrading to a blow-off valve as the engine's sound will improve.
  5. It is an easy up-gradation process with benefits far outweighing the required efforts.

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