How Hard is the Installation of Air Filters in Car?

If you have ridden on a motorbike, you understand how dusty roads can be even if they look clean. This dirt and dust can clog various car parts. The primary impact is on the engine as it sucks all these contaminants and, unable to combust them, eventually fails. Fortunately, our vehicles are equipped with air filters that catch dust, dirt, pollen, and other particulate matter from the air and prevent them from entering the car vents. However, every automobile part has its lifetime, and air filters need to be changed too. But you don’t have to visit your mechanic and pay a hefty fee when you can install car air filters yourself, albeit with a little care. 

Here are the steps to install air filters in your car. 

Step #1- Purchase a New Air Filter: You can know which air filter is best for your vehicle from the car’s user manual or the store’s list. You can choose from a standard filter, carbon, or activated carbon air filter. Each has its own pros and cons. You can search for them in stores, supermarkets, or even on the internet.

Step #2- Open the Air Filter Box: You need to open the hood of your car and find the air filter box. It is a black box over or beside the engine with a pipe sticking out. You can open the cover by either simply pulling it off, by unclipping the metal clips, or with a screwdriver. 

Step #3- Remove the Old Filter: After uncovering the air filter box, you will see the old filter. Tuck it out to remove it. You can do a visual check–if the filter is grey and has a lot of dirt sticking to it–go ahead and replace it with the new one.

Step #4- Install the New Filter: Replace the old air filter with the new one. Make sure it is properly fixed in place and cover the box again.

Why Should You Change Your Car’s Air Filter?

Changing your car’s air filter as per schedule or when you begin to see obvious signs, is essential. Filter pores get clogged with the constant trapping of dirt particles. If you do not change it, clean air will not be able to pass through it, eventually resulting in engine damage. A clean air filter improves fuel efficiency, elongates engine life, and also saves fuel consumption.

What are the Signs that Your Car Air Filter Needs to be Changed?

There are many signs that point towards a dirty air filter in your vehicle. Troubles with ignition or a significantly lowered mileage are among some signs that you need to change your air filters. You can also do a visual test and see if the filter is not white or off-white in color. Aside from these, if your service professional advises you to change your air filters, you should pay heed to them. 

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