How Often Should You Change Your Filters?

The significant benefits of car filters are often left underestimated. The car’s engine runs more smoothly and efficiently by receiving clean air from the air filter during the combustion process. The air filter prevents the contamination of polluting or allergen particles and airborne substances such as dirt, dust, and leaves from getting pulled into the car’s engine. However, a dirty filter resulting from regular wear and tear can cause motor damage and health complications. 

If you are thinking about how often you should change your car air filters, here’s the key. We recommend changing it after every 10000 miles or every 2 oil changes. DO NOT OIL. However, here are some signs that your car is calling for filter replacement:

Reduced fuel economy

The engine requires air to burn the fuel. However, if the filter is releasing less air because of clogging, it will proportionately reduce the potential energy generated from the engine. Therefore, if your car is giving less mileage, it’s time to check the filter.

Dirty spark plugs

If there is an obstruction in the air filter, the petrol present in the piston may not burn appropriately during combustion. This contamination can burn the petrol with a spooky black flame. The dirty black marks or spark plugs indicate a nasty air filter.

Odd sounds from the engine 

Does your car engine make unusual noises while driving? It is probably because your motor is not receiving the necessary air to function correctly because of blockages in the air filter.

Check engine light 

The check engine light can start illuminating because of a variety of reasons. One reason your check engine light is shining out of nowhere can be due to the clogging of the air filter. The contamination can trigger the light.

Soiled air filter

Typically, new filters are of white, cream, or off-white greyish colors. However, you will see dirt all around the filter if it is badly clogged or needs replacement. 

Reduced horsepower

If your car jolts forward when you hit the accelerator pedal, it shows that your engine is struggling for air. If you feel it lacks the usual smoothness, then maybe it needs filter replacement.

Black, sooty smoke, or fire expelling from the exhaust

Similar to spark plugs that become dirty due to unburnt fuel during the combustion, the exhaust also gets released because of improper filters. It can result in black, sooty smoke, or energy particles. However, the particles can cause miniature ignitions if they hit the hot exhaust. Therefore, if you find dirt emission from the exhaust, it is high time to replace your air filters.

Odd fuel odors 

If your car has blocked air filters, you might be able to sense fuel odors while turning on your car’s engine. It happens when the fuel is left unburnt due to contamination. 

Misfiring engine

If your car is taking several attempts before starting the engine, it is because there is a heavy air filter blockage in your vehicle. Therefore, it is a clear sign that your car’s air filter needs replacement.

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