Louder Turbo: 5 Ways To Make Your Turbo Louder

A turbocharger is connected to your vehicle’s engine as it offers more power to your car. Installing aftermarket products in your vehicle significantly makes your turbo louder and more aggressive. 

So, suppose you are looking for a way to improve your vehicle’s performance with great sound characteristics. In that case, installing an aftermarket cold air intake Houston, downpipe, and ECU tuning is highly recommended. 

However, remember that with aggressive driving, a turbocharged vehicle’s efficiency will drown. This happens with most cars, but it is especially true with a turbo engine. Hence, it is recommended to take it easy on the pedal and not go nuts if you want to achieve maximum efficiency. 

When driven right, a turbo engine can give you a more powerful and efficient drive. Sounds perfect, right? 

Continue reading to understand the tips that can help you make your turbo louder. 

Aftermarket Downpipe

Installing an aftermarket downpipe equips your car’s turbo to become louder. The wider pipe build makes it easy for the sound waves to flow quickly without collisions. Downpipes are of two categories: Catless downpipe and catted downpipe. 

The CAT refers to the catalytic converter, which converts the toxic exhaust gasses into non-toxic ones before it leaves the car. 

It is recommended to take the assistance of a professional aftermarket car product dealer to help you upgrade your vehicle with a quality aftermarket downpipe. 

Open Box Air Filter

The open box air intake systems provides the additional sound of air to your vehicle’s engine. These are not enclosed within any box, so if you see an air filter in the shape of a mushroom head, know that it is an open-box air filter.  

Remove the Engine Cover

Another way to improve the sound of your car’s engine is by taking off its cover. Yes, you heard it right! The thick plastic cover acts as a noise suppressor for your vehicle. 

However, it is better to consult with an experienced aftermarket expert or your car mechanic to know if removing the cover will solve your goal of achieving sound improvement in your vehicle. 

Cold Air Intake

Your car’s sound can go louder and more aggressive with a cold air intake. However, it enhances the sound of your car’s engine instead of loudness. Thus, installing a high-quality cold air intake will give your car the sound of air flowing into the information — especially when you rev up the car and release the throttle. 

ECU Tuning

Elevating the boost pressure into your engine makes the turbo spin harder, spool up, and make a louder sound. Boost pressure is known as the additional air that is forced into your engine. 

You can get this adjusted by managing the amount of exhaust gas flowing via your vehicle’s turbo. To raise your turbo’s boost pressure on these engines, you must take your vehicle to an aftermarket car product dealer to tune in your ECU, also known as a performance chip.

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