6 Methods To Enhance The Sound Of Your Car

Sound is a science-based experience. Your vehicle is typically engineered in a way that different surfaces react differently towards the sound waves produced by the music you play. Elements like glass and metal are known to reflect sound while the carpets and some of the plastics absorb it. However, good sound quality plays a significant role in improving the overall experience of your drive. Thus, even the simplest improvements like an audio system upgrade can yield noticeable results.

Listed below are the simplest ways that can help you improve the sound quality of your car.

Replace the speakers

Most car makers do not pay adequate attention to the quality and type of sound system they are installing in their cars. It is often one of the last prospects on their checklist as it can increase the cost, further affecting the sales. However, to improve the sound quality of your car, you can consider replacing the stock speakers of your vehicle with good quality speakers from a reputable company, with the assistance of a reliable vehicle professional. 

High-quality playbacks

Playing the highest-quality tracks is one of the easiest ways to experience better sound in your car. So, whether you stream online music or download your favorite tracks, select the highest quality possible. While this may make you lose some extra bits of your data, it will definitely be worth it. This way, the quality of the music will always be better than that of previous low-quality audio tracks. 

Use dampers

Placing your speakers near your vehicle’s door is not considered an ideal location. These doors are made of thin metal sheets and face numerous vibrations during the drive, hindering the sound quality and your overall experience in the cabin. Therefore, consider consulting with a well-experienced vehicle professional to figure out where to place the speakers to improve the sound quality of your car.

Invest in an amplifier

Regardless of how good your speakers are, there will always be a scope for improvement. For instance, consider adding an amplifier to the speaker as it can help in generating additional sound output. Thus, no matter how much power your vehicle’s stereo may provide, a good-quality amplifier will always offer you more, leading to better sound quality.

Adding an equalizer

Installing a top-notch equalizer is another optimum way to boost the sound quality of your car. While your stereo may have an in-built equalizer, you can always consider installing a high-performing equalizer that can assist you in customizing your sound properly. It can further help you adjust the frequency of the sound waves, considering all the materials of your car.

Bypassing the DAC

While most companies have bid farewell to the aux ports in the vehicle’s stereo, some might still come with it. However, it’s not a good idea to continue using the port for playing music in your car. The playback source (your phone) has an in-built DAC (digital to analog converter) that provides sound output to your earphones, but the same isn’t a suitable medium for your car’s stereo. Therefore, always plug in the stereo with a USB cable or Bluetooth to experience efficient sound quality.

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