Oil, Transmission, Fuel, Air, Cabin, & Engine: Get to Know Your Vehicle's Filters

Car filters play a crucial role in keeping your vehicle's internal system clean. Filters prevent contamination and enhance the performance of your car. Generally, there are four types of car filters — transmission, oil, air, and fuel. However, some drivers often find this puzzling, as most vehicles have two different air filters. Continue reading to find out the role of each filter and why your car is likely to have two air filters rather than one. 

Oil filter

The engine oil lubricates the movable components of your car's engine to regulate the engine operating temperatures. However, the regular wear and tear, along with junk like moisture, metal particles, dust, and corrosion, make the engine oil dirty. Luckily, an oil filter comes to the rescue as it helps in trapping the contaminants before they reach the engine. 

Like most car components, investing in regular maintenance of your car's oil filter is recommended to ensure a smooth and hassle-free drive. 

Transmission filter

Transmission filters are one of the little-known filters of the bundle. However, that does not make them any less vital for your car. This filter works as a specialized strainer to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle's transmission fluid. This fluid enables your vehicle to shift smoothly by lubricating the components in your car's transmission system while exerting hydraulic pressure to facilitate easy gear shifts. This also helps prevent the system from overheating and the gears from grinding. However, with regular wear and tear, this fluid becomes contaminated. Luckily, the transmission filter helps curb this contamination. 

However, your transmission filter can get clogged over time, leading to whining or rattling noises and rough gear shifting. Fortunately, you can solve these transmission-associated problems by consulting an aftermarket car products dealer to help you find the best high-performance product for your vehicle. 

Fuel filter

Most cars today run on internal combustion engines. These vehicles rely on air, fuel, and a controlled spark that converts the energy into movement via complex mechanical processes. 

However, as time passes, you may notice your vehicle's fuel filter becoming contaminated by rust, moisture, and the by-products of fuel degradation. Your car's fuel filter is engineered to prevent such contamination from disrupting the fuel injector and other high-precision parts. 

Like other car filters, your fuel filter can get clogged over time, calling for immediate repair or replacement.

Air filter

The majority of the modern cars today have two air filters:

Cabin air filter

As the name suggests, the cabin air filter filters the air coming into your car's cabin area. Thus, it assists in maintaining the quality of air inside your vehicle by filtering the harmful and unwanted pollutants like allergens and dust, before they reach your nostrils. 

Engine air filter

The air intake systems filter of your car assists in filtering the dirt, dust, and other pollutants out of the engine before they reach the passenger compartment area. Since your car's internal combustion engine requires air to function, your engine air filter plays a significant role in boosting the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. 

Thus, if you notice any signs of engine misfires or decreased fuel economy, consider taking your car to a mechanic for immediate assistance and early repairs. If the need arises, you should also consider replacement of these parts with high-end performance products to ensure better results. 

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