5 Reasons Ceramic Coating Is Worth It

Ceramic coating is a permanent or semi-permanent coating applied over the paint on the exterior body of any metallic equipment. It is a liquid nanoscopic treatment that can be applied over aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, or cast iron, offering utmost protection to such products. The ceramic paint coating is an ideal investment for auto parts exposed to extreme temperatures such as headers, exhaust pipes, manifolds, intakes, turbo housings, and brackets. Therefore, it provides an additional layer of shield to your downpipes. Like a heat wrap, it restrains the heat from spreading across the engine components, enabling lower temperature inside the engine bay and overall heat protection.

Apart from protecting shine, here are the top five benefits you can derive by getting ceramic paint coating on your product:

It improves the engine performance

One of the significant benefits of investing in ceramic paint coating is to enhance the overall performance by providing an extra layer of protection. The nano-coating of ceramic adds a rigid, shielding surface to the expensive metal products. It traps the excessive heat from spreading in the surrounding parts, therefore, improving the engine’s performance. It is also an effective way to avoid oxidation, fading, and chemical staining.

It is easy to clean

A ceramic coating repels water, mud, dirt, and other substances that may harm the metallic shine of your products. It works at a molecular level to ensure an exceptionally smooth and even coating, also known as nano-coating. Therefore, when mud or dirt comes in contact with the layer, it rolls off the surface. Hence, by offering little maintenance, your metal products can hold the initial pristine state for a longer duration.

It lasts longer

The ceramic paint coating provides an extra layer of protection to your products that goes further than an ordinary paint job. The coating is fused to the product’s surface. Hence, it does not get dislodged by external forces or vibrations. It makes your stainless steel products more resistant to wear and tear. It provides long-term protection from heat, harsh weather conditions, acidic components, and debris that may fly up and hinder smooth functioning.

It is cost-effective

At first, installing a ceramic coating on your product may seem cost-prohibitive. However, if you look further and compare it with product waxing, the benefits of ceramic coating will outweigh waxing. On average, traditional waxing lasts a maximum of three months and needs to be reapplied every quarter. Whereas with proper maintenance, a ceramic coating is an excellent solution to protect your product from expensive damage repairs. 

It eliminates the need for replacement due to corrosion

Earlier, a replacement was the only solution to the rusty and worn-out metallic products.  However, with ceramic paint coatings, you can avoid the hefty expenses of frequent replacement. It is easier to apply, stays longer, and yields a shiny, sleek. 

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