5 Reasons You Should Clean Your Intakes Regularly

Like any typical internal combustion engine, all engines need clean air to function properly. For each gallon of burnt fuel, the vehicle’s engine typically consumes more than 10000 gallons of air. Therefore, taking proper maintenance and care of your car’s intake is vital for the better functioning of your vehicle. It enhances the engine life by ensuring improved acceleration, better gas mileage, and reduced emissions. Therefore, improving the overall driving experience. 

Here's a list of the top five reasons you should clean your intakes regularly:

Reduces emissions

A clogged air filter reduces the airflow to the engine and chokes up the system, resulting in the improper functioning of emission control systems. This causes an incorrect air-fuel mixture and spark of plug ignition which can cause severe issues. Fouled spark plugs can cause a rough idle or an engine miss leading to lousy fuel mileage. It can further lead to engine deposits, causing the “Service Engine Soon” light to illuminate. Therefore, cleaning your intakes increases the airflow in the engine that allows it to work smoothly, diminishing fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Increases fuel efficiency

One of the significant reasons to clean the intake regularly is to increase the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. An air filter clogged with grime results in reduced air supply leading to various other side effects. The internal combustion system works smoothly by relying on a particular ratio of fuel to air. However, excessive dirt disrupts the balance, forcing the engine to draw more power. Therefore, regular maintenance of your vehicle’s intake is a simple solution to save and increase fuel efficiency. 

Prolongs the engine life

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your car’s intakes prolong the engine life. This happens because the air filter is created to trap the dirt and debris that can probably damage the internal engine parts, including the cylinders and pistons. Even a grain small particle can cause your engine damage, resulting in costly repairs. Therefore, leaving your vehicle’s intake unattended may damage your engine’s life.

Prevents breakdown

An engine cannot last forever without a clean filter because it provides the right amount of oxygen that the engine needs. Therefore, it directly increases the chances of engine breakdown. If you are facing trouble starting your car’s engine, it may indicate a dirty intake. Typically, the machine uses spark plugs to ignite the combustion to start, but the dirty intake and improper ratio of oxygen to fuel can lead to severe troubles.

Air control

Some car engines are fuel-efficient. However, a dirty air intake can detriment the environment and health of the individuals. Therefore, regularly cleaning your vehicle’s intake enables your car to cope with reduced oxygen intake while preventing engine damage. It enhances the performance of your car’s engine. 

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