5 Specialized Auto Parts for Better Performance

Nothing can compare to the happiness of buying your own vehicle. However, every vehicle owner prefers different specifications in terms of mileage, speed, performance, maneuverability, and other vehicle specifications. Therefore, by adding the desired statement, style, and design to your vehicle, you can enjoy the extended benefits of better performance. From maintaining items to installing high-tech parts, the wide range of high-performance auto parts can rapidly and smoothly increase horsepower, resulting in an improvement of the overall performance of your vehicle. 

To help you decide which auto parts to get for your car, here are the top five mods that can enhance your car’s performance:

Spark plugs

Good-quality spark plugs sit in the core of cylinder heads to ignite the fuel. While driving, this combustion process helps in running your engine. However, due to dirt and regular wear and tear, they can corrode and eventually decrease their functional efficiency. Changing your spark plugs regularly to attain the best performance from your car’s engine.

Cold air intakes

Due to its location, a typical air intake draws warm air for fuel combustion. Cold air intakes are designed to pull air farther away from the engine. Cold air is denser and, therefore, emits more power. This easy engine cold air intake up-gradation will help in increasing the horsepower of your car. 

Superchargers and turbochargers

Adding a supercharger or turbocharger during the engine upgrade yields significant horsepower gains from your vehicle. However, these devices work differently, resulting in increasing the airflow and enabling the engine to add more fuel to the combustion process. A supercharger derives its power from a belt attached to the machine, whereas a turbocharger efficiently acquires its power from the exhaust system.

Exhaust headers and manifolds

Maintaining the proper airflow within the entire system is directly responsible for improving the engine and horsepower performance. However, the air emitted outside by the machine also plays a crucial role. Stock exhaust manifolds are curated to meet emission requirements. However, removing such components can allow air to move more quickly through the exhaust system. Short headers can give you improvement at lower RPMs, while long-tube headers deliver more horsepower at midrange and top RPMs.

Performance chips

For emissions regulation compliance, factory-installed chips ensure everything operates at specified details. However, you can alter these specs by installing chips. This enables you to control and change the fuel-to-air ratio, turbo boost, ignition timing resulting in increased horsepower. The process only requires you to connect the OBD-II port to access the information. 

Pro tip- Weight reduction

Reducing the weight of your car doesn’t increase its horsepower but will improve its performance. Removing all the unnecessary items from your car’s trunk and extra seats, if not carrying passengers, can significantly boost the performance of your vehicle. 

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