5 Things To Do After Upgrading Your Air Intakes

Air intakes add power to your vehicle. The primary function of an air intake is to act as your car engine's set of lungs. It breathes in and filters the air that circulates in your car's interior. For proper combustion and ignition, your car's air intake system utilizes a proportionate oxygen and fuel ratio. The low moisture in the air needs more filtering because of the accumulation of more dirt, dust, and debris. Therefore, it is significant to properly maintain your air intake system to ensure the smooth working of your air intake.

Following is the list of five things you should do after upgrading your air intakes:

Clean the system at appropriate intervals

After upgrading your car's air system, the first thing is to gain proper knowledge about the cleaning intervals and the oil proportions you should use. Dirt and moisture harm the air filter of your car and prevent adequate airflow. Therefore, make sure to get your filter cleaned during regular servicing. 

Check out your air filter

The air filter is one of the critical components of your car that you should keep clean all year round. You can inspect your air filter by holding it up to a light source and check for holes or transparency while booking inside out. If you find any air gap, it is time to invest in a new air filter.

Ensure proper routing and prevent rubbing

Use proper cleaning techniques such as oiling, drying, and bedding pleats to remove debris from the filter. To prevent rubbing due to wear and tear, you should look for clamps and tubing. You can also use hydro-shields and pre-filters to increase the durability of filters and reduce the need for maintenance or potential hydro-locking.  

Tuning the intake and exhaust parts

It is imperative to remove the restricting substances to increase the intake efficiency and allow the smooth flow of air into the engine. However, the stock air cleaner is curated to reduce the intake noise and prevent filter blockage. Similarly, the exhaust system plays a vital role in the emission and sound levels of the car. Therefore, tuning is crucial to increase the exhaust and intake efficiency after upgrading your vehicle's air intake.

Tuning forced induction, fuel management, and ignition

Compressed air force into the car's engine can produce a large volume of power from the engine. Fuel management refers to controlling the fuel injection volume into the motor according to the air present in the system. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper ECU tuning and high-quality induction and ignition to ensure complete combustion and a robust car air intake system.

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