Things You Should Know About Your Exhaust

Your car’s exhaust is one of the significant organs of your vehicle’s body. It manages the overall health, reliability, and fuel efficiency of your car. It plays a key role in providing safety while driving and protects the environment from harmful gas emissions. In a combustion chamber, fuel and air are burned to create gases while the exhaust carries the emissions away. The system has several parts, including a catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, muffler, and oxygen sensor. However, if even one of these fails to perform their tasks, it may become cost-prohibitive for you. 

Here’s the list of few essential things you should know about your car’s exhaust system:

What does your vehicle’s exhaust system do?

The exhaust system of your vehicle is typically the essential non-moving component of your car. However, it works under extreme stress due to its hard-working features. Therefore, it should always be kept in excellent conditions to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience. Typically, the exhaust system is the set of piping in your car that guides the exhausted gases away from the passenger compartment to one or more exhaust pipes. It helps to improve engine performance, control engine noise, and increase fuel economy.

Why is the exhaust pipe important?

The emitted gases from the engine pass through the exhaust pipe on their way through the catalytic converter and silencer. The catalytic converter helps in eliminating the harmful toxins from the gases, ensuring you an environment-friendly vehicle while the silencer mutes the entire process to a comfortable volume. However, a single hole can disrupt all its operations as it enables exhaust fumes to escape prematurely, causing a leak in harmful toxins. It can lead to increased noise and decreased engine pressure. 

How do you detect problems with your exhaust system?

One of the simplest ways to detect an issue with your vehicle’s exhaust system is by ear. If your car suddenly starts emitting loud and harsh sounds, there is an issue with your exhaust system. Your exhaust may also indicate a problem if you are hearing weird rattling sounds from underneath the car. Apart from strange sounds, other signs may include a lousy smell and reduced gas mileage. 

Is an exhaust system difficult to repair?

Early identification and repairing of exhaust system components help in saving time and hefty expenses. However, the damage can increase if the problem is left untreated, and the repair can become more time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Ensure that the clamps are tight as the process can help catch various exhaust problems and prevent failures.  

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