What Effects Do Performance Exhausts Have On Horsepower?

Performance exhaust upgrade maintains the optimal air level inside your car's engine. Boosting your engine's airflow is one of the easiest and worth-investing modifications that many car enthusiasts look forward to. It equips your vehicle with numerous benefits that can be categorized into two factors — vanity and performance. 

Most people believe that the vanity benefits elevate the sound and style of their car but overlook the performance boost the new exhaust system brings to the engine. Thus, giving a performance exhaust system upgrade to your vehicle will not only make your car look cool but also make it run efficiently. 

Wondering how?

To put it simply, during a high-end performance exhaust system upgrade, your service provider will replace the pipes of your stock exhaust system with improved pipework that assists in better airflow into the engine. While exhaust layout, pipework diameter, and reducing obstructions in the exhaust all contribute their part. A better flowing exhaust system improves your engine's ability to produce power. 

Typically, the term "performance exhaust" indicates the portion that contains the muffler and the cat. That is why most aftermarket exhausts are known as cat-back exhausts since piping replacement is done after the catalytic converter. 

A few essential benefits that you will enjoy after a performance exhaust upgrade are:

Better Sound

Sound is a great pull factor for most car enthusiasts. If you are from the same group, then a performance exhaust will help you transform your vehicle's sound. It makes your car's engine sound stronger and more powerful than most stock systems. 

Thus, depending on the type of exhaust pipes you choose for your vehicle, it will offer your car a deep, rumbling, super cool sound.

Enhanced Style

The fundamental function of an exhaust system is to eradicate the contaminated air from the engine. Your stock exhaust system also performs the same role; it does not look cool while doing the job. 

Luckily, upgrading the performance exhaust system also takes care of your vehicle's style and appearance. An aftermarket exhaust system pipe gives your vehicle an overall makeover to make it look and sound like a race car.

Boost in Horsepower

Exhaust pipes with better flowing capacity help your car generate more brake horsepower (BHP). It refers to your vehicle's horsepower after considering friction between a car's tires and the road. 

Switching the factory-fitted exhaust system with high-end performance exhaust pipes offers some significant gains in horsepower. So, if you are passionate about speed and performance, this upgrade will efficiently serve your interests. 

Advanced Fuel Efficiency

Performance exhaust strives to maintain an optimal air level inside your engine. This significantly reduces your engine's need to consume extra fuel to compensate for the contaminated air level. Thus, the overall upgrade will allow you to see an increase in fuel economy.

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