What is a Charge Pipe and Why is it Important?

A charge pipe is an excellent upgrade that boosts the power and performance of your vehicle. It directs the exhaust from your vehicle’s engine through a turbocharger. This enables more air to enter the engine, producing greater power and torque. Charge pipes are generally made of aluminum, designed to withstand the high pressure associated with their functions. It plays a remarkable role in accelerating the performance of your engine. 

How Does a Charge Pipe Work?

The working of a turbo coolant lines is fairly simple to comprehend. It employs airflow to boost the power and performance of your vehicle. This further improves the airflow within the engine by directing the exhaust fumes from the engine to the turbocharger. 

Why Consider Installing an Aftermarket Charge Pipe?

You can consider investing in an aftermarket charge pipe for your vehicle for several reasons. A few include:

  • To boost the power and performance of your engine. 
  • To lower down the backpressure created by your engine’s exhaust system.
  • To improve fuel efficiency.
  • To safeguard your car’s engine from damage caused by heat or debris. 

Do Cars Come With Stock Charge Pipes?

Mostly don’t, but some do! Some top-performing car models are designed to produce more power and torque. However, if your vehicle does not come with a stock charge pipe, you can quickly install it with the help of a reputed aftermarket car products dealer in town. 

How To Pick a charge Pipe?

Listed below are a few factors to keep in mind when selecting a charge pipe for your vehicle. 

Type of Material 

First and foremost, you should determine the material you want for your charge pipe. While stainless steel and aluminum are the most chosen alternatives, you can also find charge pipes made of other composite materials.

Size of Charge Pipe

Keep in mind that the larger the pipe’s diameter, the better the airflow — leading to increased power generated by the engine. However, ensure not to overdo this, as it can result in turbo lag. The key is to create and maintain the right balance. 

Style of Charge Pipe

You can find straight pipes or bellmouth pipes in the market. Straight pipes offer the best airflow to your engine. On the contrary, bellmouth pipes provide increased airflow at higher speed but are prone to cause turbo lag at a lower speed.

Does a Charge Pipe Reduce Emission?

The charge pipe is a critical component in lowering vehicle emission levels. It provides an easy passage for exhaust gases to move through the emission control system. This further mitigates the back pressure on the engine, ensuring the optimum efficiency of your car’s engine.

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