What is a Downpipe, and How Does a Downpipe Increase Horsepower?

While all vehicles are fixed with downpipes that help with streamlined airflow through the exhausts, you must have seen many automobile enthusiasts purchasing some aftermarket downpipes to improve their car’s performance. Downpipes improve the airflow by increasing the pressure difference for the turbochargers. If you are also considering downpipes for your vehicle, it is best to learn more about their working and what other combinations will give you the expected results.

Let us learn more about downpipes and how they can increase the horsepower of your vehicle-

What is a Downpipe?

Downpipe is a section of the exhaust system in every vehicle, connecting the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter. Downpipes are not given much thought in most cars because they do not originally have turbochargers. Moreover, factory downpipes only restrict power outflow. However, with a turbocharger installed, it directs exhaust gases out of the turbine housing and into the exhaust system. Downpipes can be highly beneficial to boost horsepower while improving fuel economy.

How Does a Downpipe Increase Horsepower?

A downpipe is installed in combination with a turbocharger which is essentially a pump working on the pressure difference. The higher the pressure difference, the quicker the spool and flow, and the better power generated. Aftermarket downpipes are more prominent in diameter, allowing them to direct exhaust gases away from the turbine more effectively, producing more power. A typical downpipe can add anywhere from two to three to as much as fifty horsepower. The increase majorly depends on your vehicle and system choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Downpipes-

#1- What type of downpipe should you purchase?

Aftermarket downpipes are more popular with turbochargers because they enhance the performance manifold and give you the results you are looking for. They are available in catted (high-flow catalytic converter) and catless (non-catalytic converter) configurations. 

#2- How do aftermarket downpipes improve the vehicle’s horsepower?

Aftermarket downpipes improve the vehicle’s performance by providing a broader and more straightforward path for the exhaust gases, increasing the airflow. Their shape and size are also different as compared to the stock downpipes and hence enhance a car’s horsepower and overall performance.

#3- Why are there different downpipe styles, and what are they?

Various styles for downpipes give varying results. More separation between the gas wastegate and exhaust means more combustion and smoother exhaust flow. You can consider blank plate, bell shape, split bellmouth, and divorced or dual design. 

#4- What to expect after a downpipe installation?

After installing and tunning your vehicle, you will experience improved vehicle performance and an altered driving experience. A downpipe will also make your car louder.

#5- What if my factory cat fails?

Aftermarket downpipes are not legal, whether you purchase catted or catless configuration. If your factory-installed cat fails, you can replace it with an EPA-approved, properly sized cat.

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