What is a Midpipe, and Why Do You Need One?

There are a million options you can choose from to modify your ride according to your needs. One popular customization amongst drivers is the exhaust, mostly because they can completely alter your driving experience. You can control the torque, power, and even the sound of your engine with various changes in your car’s exhaust system. The exhaust system is made up of different components, and one of them is the midpipe. If you wish to replace your midpipe, you may want to know its types & functions in your car. 

Let us learn more about midpipes and why you need one. 

What is a Midpipe?

A midpipe is a tube component of the exhaust system between the rear mufflers and the catalytic converter. It has two parallel exhaust pipes that temporarily merge at one point before separating again. There are two configurations of midpipes; X-pipe and H-pipe. They both have different features owing to the designs that regulate airflow.

Why Do You Need a Midpipe?

Midpipe is a pipe component that equalizes exhaust gases, and hence the pressure, coming from the headers. When the engine is working, exhaust gases are produced in different waves and, at other times, through the headers as a result of fuel combustion. The midpipe equalizes these mixed gases and sends them to the rest of the system, helping the engine work more efficiently. 

What are the Different Types of Midpipe?

There are two classes of midpipes available in the market. They have different strategically designed shapes to provide different outcomes. The designs help in changing the airflow patterns, altering the pressure of gases exiting the pipes for optimal performance. Here is some information on both types.

  • X-pipe: In this, the two parallel pipes merge temporarily making an X shape. The shape provides a smoother and more efficient airflow which in turn increases the power. However, the increased power output comes at the price of lost torque. Fortunately, the difference is not detectable. They are high-pitched and have a raspy sound. X-pipes are the ideal option for you if you race on tracks and need more energy. 
  • H-pipe: In this, two parallel pipes are connected in the middle with one at right angle, resembling the shape of the alphabet H. They have a lower pitch that sounds like a deep growl. Their principal feature is higher torque as compared to the X-pipe midpipe configuration, though it comes with a reduced power. However, these differences in torque and energy are not noticed by the drivers, so this should not be a major factor when considering which midpipe to choose for your vehicle.

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