Which Car Filters Need Regular Replacement?

If you want your beloved car to run like a champion, robust-working car filters are a must! The filter restricts unwanted particles from entering your car's engine, preventing potentially expensive damage. However, filters get filled with debris over time and stop doing their job effectively. The clogging of filters can lead to significant problems or inefficiency in performance, leading to a loss in power, dirty smoke, oil light, or engine failure. Thus, replacing a clogged filter becomes essential depending on your car's make and model as it enhances fuel efficiency and boosts acceleration. Thus, several parts of your car demand regular maintenance for better performance. 

Listed below are the top three filters in your vehicle that calls for a regular replacement for better performance:

Engine air filter

Your car's engine air filter acts as the nostrils of your vehicle. So, just like your nostrils filter out the unwanted impurities of the air before reaching your lungs, engine air filters perform the same action for your vehicle.

It is a rectangular pleated device located inside a cold air collector box near the engine's front compartment. It keeps your engine clean and running as efficiently as possible by restricting the pollen, dust, debris, and bugs entering your car engine's assembly. 

While the timeline for replacing your vehicle's engine air filter depends on your car manufacturer's guidelines, it can be after every 10000 miles or every 2 oil changes, depending on your car's make, model, and age. Thus, it is recommended to get your car's air filter examined by a trusted mechanic each time you take your vehicle for any maintenance work, like an oil change. 

Cabin air filter

Cabin air filters strive to maintain the air inside your car clean and breathable. It acts as a barricade between your vehicle's passengers and external pollutants by purifying the air through your car's heating and cooling system (eliminating dust, debris, pollen, and other unwanted pollutants). 

While the need for replacement depends upon different car models, you can always refer to your vehicle's manual to check when is your car's cabin air filter replacement scheduled. It is advised to replace your cabin air filter every 10,000 miles. However, you can also consider filter replacement if you notice specific signs such as unpleasant odors from heating and cooling vents or rattling noises from air conditioning. Moreover, windows fogging up from the inside or weak airflow is another telltale sign indicating the need for replacement of cabin air filter.

Oil filter

The oil filter is curated to remove the oil's debris and other impurities that lubricate the engine. An uncontaminated oil is essential to the life of your car, and thus, the filter keeps it clean to allow you a smooth ride. According to the car manufacturer's guide, you can consider changing your vehicle's oil filter. However, it is recommended to change your oil filters every 5000 to 7500 miles or every six months, whichever comes earlier. Moreover, if you drive in extreme conditions, including dusty roads or high temperatures, consider changing your car's oil filters more frequently. 

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