Why are Silicone Intakes Better Than Traditional Aluminum?

Silicone intakes are a popular alternative in the automotive industry because they offer several benefits over traditional aluminum. They are typically used as a connector between the turbos and the inlets of turbos embodied in your vehicle. The fluids flow through these silicone hoses within your vehicle’s interior. It ensures the cooling and lubrication of the car’s engine. They are helpful because of their superior flexibility that lasts over a lifetime and protects the hoses against natural wear and tear. 

Here are the six reasons investing in silicon intakes is a good idea: 

Easy installation and noise control

Silicon intakes are much easier to work with compared to other substitutes. It is easy to install and gets readily attached to the turbos or inlets of the turbos. It does not stick to your car’s other parts and therefore becomes easier to remove. It ensures a quiet profile by lessening the sound vibrations caused because of frictions.  

Bright colors

One of the eye-catching benefits car enthusiasts can gain by investing in silicone intakes is their appealing visual appearance. Silicone intakes are available in a wide range of beautiful colors and textures. The bright, clean, and metallic sheen of silicone offer a lustrous finish to your car’s internal engine and mechanisms. 

Resists corrosion

Silicon intakes demonstrate specific levels of corrosion-resistant properties. It holds up well against chemicals, including engine coolant, and enables the smooth flow of caustic chemicals and other fluids through them. Compared to traditional alternatives, silicone intake structure exhibits greater physical integrity while contacting common rust-enabling chemicals.

Withstand high temperatures

Silicon intakes are available in different types that set forth various purposes. Some are specially curated and built to hold very high temperatures. However, many silicone intakes can easily bear up to 350 degrees of Fahrenheit for continuous working. Some specialty intakes can withstand temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes them an essential component of vehicles running in hot climatic conditions. 

Strength and durability

High-quality silicone intakes are excellent in durability and offer a greater life expectancy than traditional alternatives. They are resistant to various environmental factors and physical stressors. These silicon coolants and other intake tubings provide the following properties:

  • Non-breakable by physical pressure, excessive force, or vibrations
  • Durable and anti-aging
  • Water and weather-resistant
  • UV- resistant

Highly compatible in tight spaces

The car’s interior is a compact space where all the necessary fittings are closely held within the body and frame of the vehicle. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a flexible intake that bends easily without snapping and fits nicely inside the dense space. Silicone intakes easily connect the various parts and systems in the vehicle’s interior cramped space. Because of its high durability and flexibility, it is an excellent choice for automotive use.

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