Will Downpipe Void Your Warranty?

Many car enthusiasts customize and modify multiple parts of their vehicles for better performance, enhanced experience, and looks. One popular modification is turbocharging the car and installing an aftermarket downpipe. However, downpipes are illegal in the United States, and many customers are afraid that they will void their vehicle’s complete warranty. Fortunately, if you are a citizen of the USA, your warranty is secured by the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. But it takes away some parts of your security. If you are considering installing a downpipe in your car, you must understand every aspect of it.

Here is all you need to know about downpipes and their effect on your car’s warranty-

#1- Downpipe Will Not Void the Entire Warranty: In case of damages, a catless or catted downpipe will not void the entire car warranty. Instead, it will void the warranty of your stock downpipe, exhaust, and turbo. While other components, including electrical parts and batteries, will still have a warranty applicable to them.

#2- Magnuson Moss Warranty Act Protects You: Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is a federal law in the USA that protects consumers from misleading supplier warranties. Due to this act, a dealer will have to prove a direct relation between your car damage and the aftermarket downpipe installation. Since it is not possible most of the time, you will get your complete claim.

#3- Keeping a Good Relation with Your Dealer is the Key: Proving the connection between the cause of your car’s damage and the aftermarket downpipe installation largely depends on your relationship with the dealer. If you are friendly, respectful, and kind to them, they will do their best to keep you off the charts and get you the warranty claim.

#4- Installing Downpipe Mean Voiding Warranty for Your Turbo and Exhaust: Your dealer has more than one explanation to link any turbo and exhaust damage to the aftermarket downpipe installation. The downpipe is directly connected to the exhaust on one end and the turbo on the other. So if there is any trouble with the two parts, it possibly is caused by the downpipe. Additionally, downpipes make the turbo work much harder to give you the increased horsepower and, therefore, more damaging. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act cannot help you in the cases where a direct connection is established.

#5- Tuning Will Void Your Warranty: After installing an aftermarket downpipe, tuning the car becomes essential. Tuning will help you yield more horsepower as compared to a vehicle not tuned after downpipe installation. It will also correct the air-to-fuel ratio, tweak the torque mapping, remove the REV limiter, and turn off the CEL light. But for the downsides, tuning your car will affect the entire vehicle and its components. While the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act will still stand for you, it becomes easy to prove a connection between car damage and aftermarket installation.

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