Will Exhaust Leak Cause Loss of Power?

An exhaust leak is a significant defect in your vehicle's exhaust system that allows the toxic fumes to enter your cabin instead of leaving your car via the tailpipe. Your engine exhaust comprises poisonous gases, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, phosphorus, or metals like lead or hydrocarbons. Such gas leakages can risk your and your passengers' life if these fumes begin to build in your cabin rather than evacuating out of your vehicle's ventilation system. Additionally, these leaks can also hinder your car's fuel efficiency and performance, making your drive nosier and damaging your catalytic converter.

What happens if you don't fix your exhaust leak?

Driving your car with an exhaust leak can be potentially dangerous for you and your passengers. These exhaust fumes contain hazardous and life-threatening gases like carbon monoxide. Hence, amongst other signs, you may also notice loud rumbling noises if driving with an exhaust leak. Moreover, if your exhaust system is not functioning correctly, you may also see extra heat flowing through your engine. This can further damage the catalytic converter of your vehicle.

Will a small exhaust leak affect your car's performance?

An exhaust leak can significantly deteriorate your vehicle's performance. You may face difficulty following the usual pick-up-and-go once you punch down the gas pedal. Moreover, if the exhaust leak is left unaddressed, your car may also continue to lose its power. Moreover, exhaust leaks may also lead to a foul gas smell in the passenger cabin of your vehicle. 

However, one of the practical defenses against exhaust leakage and its associated problems is regularly inspecting your exhaust system. This will help you ascertain and address the issues early, enabling you to prevent unwanted circumstances.

Will an exhaust leak affect acceleration?

Driving on bumpy roads with rusty components in your exhaust system can lead to exhaust leakage. This is because excessive bumps can weaken or cause holes in the different components, while rust and corrosion can damage the other parts of your exhaust system. Therefore, if you are facing issues with your exhaust system, it may also start affecting the performance of your engine. This may cause you trouble accelerating quickly or conveniently and may worsen if you leave your exhaust leak unfixed. Hence, this may also disrupt your vehicle's air-to-fuel ratio, leading to reduced engine and fuel efficiency.

What are the symptoms of an exhaust manifold leakage?

Listed below are some of the significant symptoms you can notice in your vehicle if it has undergone an exhaust manifold leakage:

  • Loud engine noise
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Loss of acceleration
  • Exhaust fumes in the cabin
  • Buring or odd odors coming from the engine bay

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