Do Charge Pipes Sound Different When Upgraded

If you are a car connoisseur, you must have heard about charge pipes and their relevance in improving the overall performance of your car’s engine. However, if you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry, you are not alone! 

A charge pipe is hardware that boosts the power and performance of your vehicle’s engine. Wondering how? A high-end performance charge pipe is typically made of metal that directs exhaust from the engine through a turbocharger enabling more air to enter the engine, leading to greater power and torque. 

Additionally, upgrading your vehicle with a charge pipe and a blow-off valve boosts your engine’s sound. So, to answer your question: Yes, charge pipes make your engine sound different when upgraded with a blow-off valve.

Stock charge pipes are deficient and obstruct the airflow. It can never comply with the benefits that an aftermarket charge pipe offer. So, if you want to improve your car’s performance, then a charge pipe upgrade is a must-do! 

What to Expect from a Stock Charge Pipe?

A car’s engine generates significant heat when running on the road. This heat is considered a major enemy of a turbocharged engine. So, the engine is equipped with an intercooler as avant-garde to cool down the hot turbo gases before re-circulating within the engine intake. 

The charge pipe is fixed to the intercooler that flows the contaminated air from the turbo to the intercooler. It then directs the movement to the charge pipe and ultimately to the engine via its air intake systems valve. Hence, the charge pipe primarily acts as a carrier that channels the turbocharged air to the car’s engine. 

Unfortunately, the stock intercooler and charge pipes are barely suitable for the job in the long run and result in a loss of engine efficiency. This is why most car fanatics modify their factory-installed charge pipes with high-end performance parts. Moreover, it helps them avoid frequent trips to the mechanic to purchase replacement charge pipes whenever the installed pipe encounters a breakdown.

The concern with stock charge pipes is “WHEN” it will fail, rather than whether or not will it fail. And, it is not recommended to wait until the day comes! The last thing you want is to charge pipe breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, it is best to replace it at the earliest with a powerful unit to save yourself from all sorts of trouble, stress, bills, or any unwanted situations. 

Why Upgrade to an Aftermarket Charge Pipe?

To enjoy smooth driving with your dream car, you must consider installing it with an aftermarket charge pipe. The factory-installed charge pipe present in the engine is typically made of plastic which is not durable and will result in restriction of turbocharged air flow over time. 

Fortunately, an aftermarket charge pipe diminishes the pressure loss of turbocharged air. Thus, instead of impeding the airflow, it intensifies the air movement, elevating your turbocharge engine’s performance.  

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