How Much Horsepower Does A Cold Air Intake Add?

Horsepower signifies the work potential of your vehicle's engine. In simple words, if your car's horsepower is powerful, it will have great acceleration, which plays a crucial role in defining the car's overall performance. Thus, horsepower is termed as the measurement of your engine's power. Hence, the higher the horsepower, the greater and better the speed.  

While it is true that cold air intakes boost your vehicle's horsepower, it is important first to understand what cold air intakes are, their benefits, and whether or not to expect that power boost from the engine. 

A straightforward answer is that cold air intake systems offer a marginal boost in power. Most car enthusiasts opt to install a cold air intake to achieve better engine sound. However, upgrading your vehicle with a good-quality aftermarket cold air intake is also efficient in improving your car's overall performance via better throttle response. 

How Does Cold Air Intake Work?

Every BMW cold air intake functions by relocating the air filter out of your engine's bay to lower the heat inside the machine. Generally, your vehicle's engine compartment is enclosed from all ends. So, when combustion generates excessive heat internally, the air inside the engine's chamber becomes very hot. 

While the cool air is denser, it contains higher oxygen levels, resulting in powerful combustion. 

However, to ensure significant performance improvement, your aftermarket car product's dealer will install the intake to the radiator's side or underneath the bumper to enable contact with the cold air before reaching the engine's chamber. 

Elevating your engine's horsepower is more challenging than it seems. While installing the turbocharger or a supercharger kit offers the most compelling improvements in your machine, other aftermarket products like cold air intake raise your vehicle's performance standard. 

Why Install a Cold Air intake?

If you are contemplating installing a cold air intake for your vehicle, here's why you should consider it —

While there is no accurate guarantee of power increase, one of the fundamental reasons why you should consider installing a cold air intake is to achieve a better sound of your car's turbo. 

Generally, the car's stock intake muffles the sound of your turbo. Thus, installing an aftermarket cold air intake will enable you to listen to the whistling of your spooling turbo. Upgrading your vehicle with a cold air intake makes your engine leave a whooshing noise as it expels the excess air from the engine. 

This is why most SUV and truck owners have noticed minor gas mileage improvements, as the cold intake system significantly improves your vehicle's airflow and air-fuel mixture. 

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