Is it Risk-free to Drive With an Exhaust Leak In Your Vehicle?

Your vehicle's exhaust system keeps the fumes away from the cabin and aids your engine's capability. Moreover, it enables your engine to run smoothly while reducing emissions and offering you optimum fuel efficiency. However, a broken exhaust system can consume a significant amount of fuel. It can also lead to inhalation of harmful toxins that the exhaust system would otherwise expel out of the car. Additionally, rust and corrosion are among the greatest enemies of your exhaust system. A faulty exhaust system in your vehicle can also cause you to inhale carbon monoxide, which is dangerous to the health of yourself and your loved ones. 

Thus, maintaining the integrity of your vehicle's exhaust system is crucial to its proper functioning and well-being. 

Listed below are some ‌signs that signal an exhaust leak, along with the protective measures that can help you eliminate the risks. 

Loud rumbling noises

Loud rumbling noises coming from your vehicle while driving is one of the significant signs indicating an exhaust leak. It is one of the most common signs that call for immediate inspection by a reliable mechanic. This can help you determine the root cause behind the lousy exhaust system so that you can go in for early repairs.

Loss of fuel efficiency

If you notice yourself driving to the gas station to get your gas tank filled up more often than usual, it can be another significant sign of a broken exhaust system. An exhaust leak can deteriorate the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, making your engine work harder. This further causes your vehicle to utilize the fuel aggressively, calling for frequent filling up of the gas tank.

Vibration in the gas pedal

Vibrating gas pedals while driving is another sign of an exhaust leak in your vehicle. It is one of the most alarming signs, as even the smallest of the leaks can cause it. Therefore, the bigger the leak will be, the more intense the vibrations. Typically, the vibrations begin from the gas pedal, move towards the steering wheel, and finally into the floorboards once they become stronger.

Damage in the catalytic converter

The improper working of your exhaust system can cause the extra heat to flow into your vehicle's engine. This can further damage your car's catalytic converter. The replacement of a faulty catalytic converter can leave a hefty dent in your wallet. Thus, it is best to carry out early repairing and preventive measures for your exhaust system. It can help you eliminate the risk of incurring more expensive repairs for your vehicle.

Odd sounds

While driving with an exhaust leak, you may notice sounds like someone shaking a box full of rocks. This is one of the significant indications that your catalytic converter is damaged because you may have waited for elongated hours to get your exhaust system checked and repaired. Thus, you should always consider going to the mechanic at the earliest in such a situation to avoid any further damage.

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