Water is Leaking From Under My Car: What Should I Do?

Water leakages are not a major issue until they are. It is generally okay to overlook the often-found water puddle on the ground under our cars which can be from the air conditioner vent, exhaust, or residue from the windscreen washer. But if it is from the coolant system, the issue can be more complex. It is very critical to determine the source of the leakage and whether the fluid is actually water to understand the next steps.

Let us see what you should do if water is leaking from under your car.

How to Determine the Source of the Leak?

  • Air conditioner leaks: The most common water leakages in cars are from the air conditioning system. It happens when the moisture in the incoming air accumulates on the AC unit parts. On hot days, it can happen even if the air conditioning is not on. You can turn your vents to recirculation mode instead of fresh air to avoid this.
  • Exhaust leaks: If you see water dripping out of your tailpipe, it is from the exhaust. It is okay for the system to dribble some water during the fuel combustion process. However, ensure that the liquid coming out of the tailpipe is water and not coolant.
  • Windshield washer system: We fill water and cleaning agent for windshield washer which may leak due to a crack or hole. Sometimes there can be accumulated water under the windscreen that may leak out. This, however, is not a troubling situation.
  • Cooling system leaks: When there is a puddle on the ground while the car is parked, it may be due to a leakage in the cooling system. You must get it checked as it may be due to a crack in the radiator or the coolant tank, both damaging to the vehicle.

        What to Do if Water is Leaking from Under Car?

        Once you have found the source of your water leak, the issue becomes more manageable. Here are some solutions-

        • Leaking air conditioner: The air conditioner leaking water isn’t a major issue. It is how the entire system works. 
        • Leaking exhaust: There is nothing to worry about a leaking exhaust unless you find holes in the tailpipe. In which case you will need to repair or replace it.
        • Leaking windscreen washer system: If the leakage isn’t from any identifiable source, it is simply collected water. However, if the windscreen washer bottle is leaking, you may want to check it for holes. If the crack is repairable, you can fix it. Otherwise, you will need a replacement.
        • Leaking cooling system: If the cooling system is leaking water, the best approach is to find a professional and repair the leak because it can be coolant.

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