What Are The 5 Types Of Exhaust Systems?

An exhaust manifold is a critical part of any car as it is responsible for removing the harmful gasses from the engine. It uses cutting-edge technology to enhance your car's overall performance while offering it the latest, distinct exhaust sound. Thus, while every exhaust system works nearly the same, you can find several product varieties in cars today. 

Listed below are the different types of exhaust systems. Continue reading to know more about each type.

Single exit pipe

An exhaust system with a single exit pipe is one of the most popular exhaust systems. This exhaust system comes standard with new vehicles and trucks bought from dealers. While single exit pipes are not the most efficient, they are the cheapest to engineer and install. Here, the pipe's exit is always on the vehicle's passenger side.

Dual rear exit

A dual rear exit exhaust system is typically found in sports cars. However, some car enthusiasts install it to make their vehicles sportier in appearance. The design and location of the dual rear exit are identical to the single exit pipe exhaust system. However, it offers a much richer tone to the exhaust, making your vehicle's sound even more powerful. This system consists of two exhaust pipes on the opposite sides of the car. It is essential to note that the pipes are not bent around the wheels, unlike the other vehicles. 

Opposite dual exhaust

The opposite dual exhaust is a popular choice amongst those car lovers who want their vehicle or SUV to sound more powerful and bold. This exhaust works best where the dual rear exhaust systems cannot bend and work a bit differently than the other exhaust systems. These are looped around the wheels with a bend to add a filtering procedure. Vehicles carrying heavy loads are more likely to use these opposite dual exhausts. 

Dual side exhaust

As the name indicates, a dual-side exhaust system consists of two pipes next to each other on one side. Thus, these two pipes release gases more effectively, contrary to the single exhaust pipe. The appearance and sound of the dual side exhaust system are similar to the high-performance system and it also offers performance enhancements to your vehicle.


High-performance exhaust systems are known to be more expensive than the standard ones and are highly efficient in filtering out the harmful gases from the engine. Thus, most car enthusiasts install high-performance exhaust systems to improve their vehicle's efficiency, performance, and engine capacity. Moreover, in addition to increased horsepower, these systems offer a rumbling and powerful growling sound, making them the most preferred alternative for vehicle lovers.

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