What's Better Catted or Catless Downpipe?

Once you have made up your mind about getting a downpipe installed in your vehicle, the question comes down to whether you should get the catted or the catless kind. The two configurations of aftermarket downpipes have their own pros and cons, but the final decision is yours. So while you are at it, it is best to know all about downpipes and the two available configurations to understand which is better for your car.

Let us learn more about aftermarket catted or catless downpipes below.

What are Catted and Catless Downpipes?

In most general terms, catted and catless implies whether or not the downpipe has a catalytic converter. The former one does, the latter doesn’t. A catalytic converter reduces air pollution by converting harmful constituents of the exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides, into water (vapor), carbon, and heat through exothermic chemical reactions.

Which is Better:  Catted or Catless Downpipe?

A catted downpipe is preferred over the catless configuration on public roads and if you use your vehicle frequently. But here are some facts about catted and catless downpipes to further help you make a well-learned decision.

  • Catted Downpipe Facts-

#1- Catalytic converter is present: Catted downpipes have catalytic converters and yet provide more space for the airflow than stock downpipes from the factory, increasing the overall efficiency. They also boost the air intake of the car.

#2- They can be more expensive: When compared with catless downpipes, catted ones can be more expensive. They come with Platinum and Palladium that increase the cost significantly.

#3- Compliant with laws: Since a catalytic converter is present, harmful gases are converted to safer forms. Hence, catted downpipes can meet emission criteria better than catless downpipes if you live in states with strict emission laws.

#4- They are safer: The catalytic converter processes exhaust gases and converts them into water vapor, carbon, and heat. The safer forms protect the driver, passenger, and the environment from various health risks.

  • Catless Downpipe Facts-

#1- Fewer airflow constraints: They provide a straighter path for exhaust gases to escape since no catalytic converter is present, which reduces airflow constraints.

#2- They produce odor: Since the combusted gases exit the vehicle without being converted to less harmful forms, catless downpipes produce odor. This is the reason catless downpipes are not permitted in most states in the US. They are also more popular among racers and off-road drivers rather than casual or frequent drivers.

#3- Enhance performance: Catless downpipes increase power by creating a more significant pressure difference for turbochargers. Boost pressure also increases because the air flows at a higher speed towards the turbine.

#4- Other features: They are lightweight, made of high-quality stainless steel, and their advanced designs make them stylish. They also offer direct bolt-on replacements.

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