BMW M5 | M6 (F10/F12/F06) Downpipe and Bootmod 3 Package

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Project Gamma S63TU Downpipes


Made specifically for BMW S63TU Engine

Project Gamma downpipes for the S63TU engines models feature a 3” construction along with a stainless steel v-band to pipe transition that is machined with CNC to precision. Our downpipes are the best bang for your buck mod available for your S63TU engine with gains from 50 Horsepower and 60 Torque when tuned. Rather than necking down closer to the turbos like most of our competitors, our downpipes present a full 3D design up to the last inches proving a greater increase in flow. Project Gamma downpipes are handcrafted to extreme rust resistance using 304 Stainless Steel. 


Customers will need an ENET cable and laptop to flash-tune the vehicle. Email us regarding ENET cable questions.


*2-step colder spark plugs gapped to 0.22 spec. are recommended for stage 2 applications*


******The product you see has been Ceramic Coated. To protect your engine bay from possible heat damage please purchase our Ceramic Coating add-on before checking out, otherwise your downpipes will just come polished.*******