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Project Gamma Lamborghini Huracan Twin Turbo Kit

We present you the most OEM compatible twin turbo kit for the Lamborghini Huracan. This kit is stage 1 and requires no cutting, no drilling, and no clamping.

All water connections feature quick connectors for simple installation and OEM look. The coolant hose system is designed and molded in 1 piece requiring no extra connections. The coolant pumps will be driven by the stock ECU with IAT density.

Over 600 hours have been spent designing and developing this kit using 3D scanning technology, precision engineering, and strenuous road testing.

The entire exhaust system features heat shielding packed with ceramic fiber cloth to prevent high engine temperatures and eliminate the risk of fire.

The design principle of this kit follows that of the OEM specifications which allows the kit to flow aesthetically with the rest of the vehicle.

The crates will be sent out with everything clocked and clamped in position to eliminate fitment issues from 3rd party installers.

The system will be running @compturbo 6265 air-cooled turbos.

Our new chiller system will be included in this kit. The Project Gamma Chiller System utilizes your vehicle’s air conditioning system to substantially reduce the coolant temperatures and leads to colder Intake Air Temperatures without losing any cabin AC performance. By allowing the IAT’s to constantly remain in cooler temperatures, our chiller system effectively improves your engine’s overall performance. This kit introduces huge horsepower gains with higher boost and running timing with less risk of detonation.

Custom paint will not be available for this kit. Please call for wholesale orders.

Project Gamma aims to bring you the best and most competitive Lamborghini Huracan Stage 1 Twin Turbo kit on the market.